Mastering the Auction House in World of Warcraft

Auction House tips for the game World of Warcraft – The auction house in WoW is an amazing feature that allows the user to gain a massive amount of money in World of Warcraft. If done correctly, you can rake in some huge amounts of cash by selling, buying, and dealing. I’m here to give you the insiders view.
The auction house feature in WoW is a part of the game to help those that have money to invest to bring in money. Basically what you do is buy items that are popular/wanted for low prices, and sell them at a higher price. This is only 1 of the many other methods of gaining cash. One of my personal secrets will be shared in this guide, and I’m sure you’ll like it.
The best part of the auction house is that you don’t need to be insanely rich and have lots to invest, anybody can start low and work their way up, if done correctly.

Learning about the Auction House.

First what you want to do is get a lot of research done and find what items are in high demand and what area you want to dominate. These can vary, so be on the lookout and keep your eyes open.
A really nice add-on that will allow you to master the Auction House is an addon called Auctioneer. It’s amazingly detailed. It auto-analyses the market and scans EVERY single item. You can search for a specific item, and set the maximum price, and it will search and find every auction for that item being sold at a price under what you’ve stated.

Oh yeah, did I mention Auctioneer can save you data too? It can store all your searches amp; results, so basically if you want to go back to your searches and see what the price for an item was last week, and you see that it’s dropped by 13% for example, you know it’s time to buy it.

As time passes, you will become more and more knowledgable of the auction house and the prices of high-demand items, and now you can move on to the next part of buy amp; sell.
There are some items I like to call “Dangerous items”. These are the items that are constantly fluctuating in price. One day they will drop by 20 percent in price, the next they will rise 30% and then maybe drop 10 percent again and rise again by 5 percent then drop 30 percent. If you have some money to risk, these can bring in some insane amounts of cash if dealt with in the right way.
You have to search for these at every hour on the hour and document all the prices you see. Once you see it drop by more than 25 percent, that’s the time to buy, buy, buy!

Now that you understand what is most likely to get the most benefit save your money and buy out any traders of each of their supply of the article.

After you can put the auction item up at your new price. Only put a limited number on the marketplace at any one time or you will get people believing it is so easily on tap it’s not worth anywhere near the price you want.

Tips for the Auction House

Let’s say you were looking around in the market. You stumble upon an object that cost 30 dollars. There are about 7 of these items. You look at the very last one, and the price is $29.99. Now, which would you be more likely to choose? Pretty much everybody would choose to purchase the $29.99 without even thinking about it. Even though its 1 cent, your brain registers it as a savings to buy that and assures you its a very good deal to buy it. Now, it’s time to implement this into the WoW auction house!

First find some overpriced items in the auction house. Next, go into the trade chat and start saying you want to buy the item for let’s say 5% below the auction house price. Once you have the item, place your desired item on sale at a single copper under the prices of your competitors and check the cash flood in!

What is the optimal time to use the WoW auction house?

The optimal time to sell and buy in the WoW auction house is when most people have extra time, and have nothing to do. When is this? The weekend! Not everyone can afford the time during the week to play around on World of Warcraft as they have got a job or university to go to so they are logged on to the highest degree Friday evening through to Sunday night time when it can start to decline as members get set to get back to the factory / university on the Monday am.

If you are fortunate enough to find enough time to play the game through the week endeavor to get articles at drop down prices and hang on to them til the weekend charge when a larger number of players are on.

Characters are more likely to be in a heck of a hurry to get rolling in the brief playing time they have so when they step into the WoW auction house they have already got the swag bag drawstrings undone and open to get what they need so they can get on to the next quest as quickly as possible. Be ready with the more keenly priced stuff you gained earlier in the week and you are certain to realise some serious cash!

Now, here’s my special trick that sometimes makes me insanely immense amounts of cash.
Here’s what you do. First, find a decently-rare item that is hard to find. Now look in the auction house to see if there is any there. If not, continue. If that item exists in the auction house, look for another item until you find one that is currently not in the auction house. (The other choice is to just find an item there is 1 of and just buy it as long as its not overpriced). Now, let’s say it costs 500g at the average price. What you’re going to do is put it up in the auction house on another character for 750g. Now you will login to your main/high level character, and you will say “B gt;(item name here) 800g pm me fast I’m in a hurry!”

People will instantly RUSH over to the auction house, search the item up, buy it and come to sell it to you, but at that point you’re already 250g richer and you just tell him you already bought one.
This is a trick-of-the-trade that is known to many, but not widely shared. Use this wisely and don’t overdo it. Eventually people will catch on to you, so don’t abuse it!

Use these tips and you will soon find you are ruling the WoW auction house the way you want to, and the money is flowing in at a speed like never before!

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Thanks for reading this WoW Auction House Guide, appreciate it and be sure to check out some of my other articles for more gaming related topics.