OSRS Best-In-Slot Range Equipment


Veteran Old School RuneScape players are already familiar with the time and efforts that are required to put in while maxing out an in-game character. But that’s not the only grind that they’re familiar with, because they know the actual truth behind obtaining best-in-slot equipment, and the truth is that there’s never the best loadout, as you always have that desire to hit your enemy with the maximum force, along with focusing on your defensive stats. However, things are quite different because the worn equipment serves differently depending upon the play style and weapon. For instance, ranged gear that has the best defensive bonus, may not always provide the same while fighting against opponents with other combat styles (Melee and Magic), and that’s why we’ve taken the initiative to sum out and list the most effective Range Equipment in this article.

Best-In-Slot Ranged Setup (High-Level)

If you’re looking for the most powerful stat while landing an attack, then Range is your best bet because it provides the most damage output when compared with the other combat styles. There is always confusion while comparing the benefits of Ranged Strength and Attack, and that’s why it’s better if you lean towards the attack that provides the fastest and strongest damage output. However, you will have to sacrifice bits of your Strength and may hit a little lower than what your maximum damage is, but your accuracy will be genuinely high, along with the attack speed, allowing you to make up for what’s lacking. The below setup is for the best-in-slot Attack and Strength combined bonus.

Armadyl Helmet, Necklace of Anguish, Archers’ Ring (I), Armadyl Chest Plate, Armadyl Chain Skirt, Ava’s Assembler, Pegasian Boots, Barrows Gloves, and Twister Bucker & Armadyl Crossbow or Heavy Ballista.
The setup mentioned above is considered the most popular set up by the players of OSRS. It offers 239 Ranged Attack Bonus while equipping the Heavy Ballista and 232 while equipping Armadyl Crossbow & Twisted Buckler. Players often purchase both and switch between them during their battles to get an outstanding outcome. However, you should be aware of the fact that this setup requires you to have at least 75 Defense. Similarly, to equip Ava’s Assembler, you will need to finish the quest ‘Dragon Slayer 2’ and Vorkath’s Head and to imbue an Archers’ Ring, you will need 650,000 Nightmare Zone points. Other than that, you shouldn’t expect anything less than 12 million osrs gold if you’re purchasing the items off of the Grand Exchange.

Best-In-Slot Ranged Setup (Common)

Archers’ Helmet, Amulet of Glory, Archers’ Ring (I), Black Dragon Hide Body, Black Dragon Hide Chaps, Obsidian Cape, Blessed Dragon Hide Boots, Dragon Hide Vambraces (Any), Book of Law/Dragon Fire Shield, and Magic Short Bow (I).

This is an best range gear osrs setup for the players who are training their Ranged or using the skill to clear dungeons or quests. It is balanced in both; Attack and Defence bonus, and thanks to it, you can easily hold on your own against opponents with stronger stats with this best in slot range gear osrs. You can purchase the pieces of this setup from the Grand Exchange at a very reasonable price (about 2.4 million osrs gold).

If you’re someone who is more focused on prayer for this best range gear osrs, then you might want to consider Blessed Dragon Hide pieces instead of Black. You will need at least level 40 Defence to equip the mentioned items and there are no real quest requirements needed to acquire that particular best in slot range gear osrs. It’s a good option to keep as a backup plan because you never know when you might need to enter areas where you’re not willing to risk high.

Best-In-Slot Ranged Setup (1 Defence Pure)

Robin Hood Hat, Amulet of Fury/Amulet of Glory, Archers’ Ring (I), Rangers Tunic, Black Dragon Hide Chaps, Ava’s Accumulator/Obsidian Cape, Ranger Boots/Blessed Dragon Hide Boots, Combat Bracelet, Book of Law, and Magic Short Bow (I).

Trust me when I say this, there are no combat skills that can match up with the capabilities of a pure account for osrs range gear. This setup is superior in terms of both; pure Magic or Strength, because with only a few levels to train, you’ll be capable of having the same attack and defence bonuses as the common setup mentioned above. However, the only drawback is that some items can be quite costly, such as the Ranged Boots, but you will always have the option to swap the equipment for something that’s comparable, and that’s a benefit that only the Ranged skill provides. If you’re looking for a budgeted osrs range gear setup, then go for Dragon Hide or Snakeskin Boots, rather than aiming for Ranger boots. Similarly, you can also replace the Book of Law with a Dragon Fire Shield or the regular variant known as Anti-Fire Shield.