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Diablo 2 Resurrected Item Rarity


There are five basic ranks of an item in Diablo 2, and each one of them has its own name color. The ranks are; Normal, Magic, Rare, Set, and Unique.

Aside from that, you may also come across Ethereal Versions of these types of equipment, which is a special state where the armor has one big drawback (it cannot be repaired) and offers extraordinary bonuses.

Gear of any rarity can be dropped at any difficulty level of the game, but the higher level you are, the more Rare, Set, and Unique items you will obtain. If you add Magic Find on items, it’ll increase your chances of receiving Magical drops. Also, many equipment styles and qualities can be reformed or enhanced using the Horadric Cube.

Diablo 2: Normal Rarity Equipment

Items of Normal Rarity in diablo 2 resurrected unique items include items that have no Magical properties of their own, apart from the in-built properties that it carries, such as Weapon Damage & Armor Defense.

Normal Rarity Items are either White when dropped, or Grey when they are socketed. They have no Magical properties as mentioned above, and can offer up to 1-6 maximum number of sockets for Weapons, 1-4 for Chest Armor, 1-4 for Shield, and 1-3 for Helm. Its perfect change of Gambling is at 0%.

Normal Socketed Equipment can consist of anywhere from 1 to 6 Sockets, and they can accept additional socketed items, such as Gems, Runes, or Jewels. The only items that can be used to create Runewords are; Helms, Armor, Weapons, and Shields.

If you’re not already aware of diablo 2 resurrected unique items, then Runeword-Enhanced Normal Socketed Armor is a significant source of end-game gear for players who are focusing on the gameplay with LOD (Lord of Destruction) full version expansion enabled. Also, you can create the Normal Socketed Chest Armor, Headgear, Shields, or Weapons from regular Normal Un-socketed items via the Horadric Cube for these diablo 2 resurrected unique items.

Diablo 2: Magic Rarity Equipment

Magic Rarity items have 1 to 2 random Magic properties, and their name appears in the color Blue. They can have sockets from 1 to 4 relating to the Chest Armor, Shields, and Weapons. However, in terms of Helms, they can be anywhere around 1 to 3. These items have a percent change of Gambling of about 90%, which is 9 in 10.

Magic Rarity Equipment for diablo 2 unique items may have either a Prefix, Suffix, or both, and the chances of having them are 25%, 50%, and 25%, respectively. The Prefixes and Suffixes of an item are chances dependent upon the item that is being used. For instance, Weapons have properties like Additional Damage and Attack Rating, Armor has Defensive properties like Additional Defense, Additional Mana items are mostly used by spellcasting classes, and Jewelry acts like a support system that carries bonuses to Magic Find.

Magic items are also the first quality level where the items have to be identified prior to using them. Similarly, the other levels like Rare, Set, and Unique also need to be identified. This process can be initiated by using a Scroll of Identify or Tome of Identify, or alternatively, you can ask the NPC named Dekard Cain to identify the items (d2r unique items) for you; however, he does charge 100 D2R Gold for the service, but that is until you have completed the questline ‘Search for Cain’.

Diablo 2: Rare Rarity Equipment

Rare Rarity Equipment is magical gear consisting of advanced Affixes and a ‘Special Random Name’. The name basically appears in the color Yellow, but the properties are listed in the color Blue. Such items can have 2 to 6 Magical properties among the available Suffixes and Prefixes. Aside from that, Rare items (otherwise known as d2r unique items) can have anywhere from 1 to 2 sockets in Headgear, Shield, Weapon, or Chest Armor, and the percent change of Gambling is about 10%, which is 1 in 10.

You can add up to 3 Suffixes and 3 Prefixes on a single Rare item, but do keep in mind that you can’t duplicate a single Prefix or Suffix. Similarly, they cannot have another Prefix or Suffix of the same category or group that has the same effect. However, the plus point is that you can have one that does the same thing. For instance, a Rare weapon that is rolled up with a Fiery Prefix and a Burning Suffix offering Fire Damage is allowed.

Diablo 2: Set Rarity Equipment

Set Rarity gear is basically worn together to obtain greater bouses than when they are worn in parts. In simpler words, they offer extra bonuses depending upon the number of items you have equipped. It also includes partial Set bonuses, where you obtain extra abilities if a certain number of pieces are worn.

Set items appear in the color Green, and have both; Individual Static properties, as well as Set Bonus properties. The number of sockets that it offers is predetermined depending on the set. Also, you can only have one socket added to a single Weapon, Shield, Helm, or Chest piece.

However, you can only do that through Larzuk’s quest in Act V, and that too once per difficulty. The percent change of Gambling for Set items is about 0.10%, which is 1 in 1000.

Most of the Set items aren’t popular for end-game content, and you can often get better properties with items combines. Acquiring a complete set can be challenging, which is until or unless you are doing a lot of trading. Some of the most popular sets are Sigon’s Complete Steel for either Levelling or Mercenary gear, Griswold’s Legacy for Paladins, Immortal King for Melee Warriors, and Tal Rasha’s Wrappings for Sorceresses. A good and suggested combo for Melee Warriors would be the Angelic Wings Amulet and Angelic Halo Ring.

Diablo 2: Unique Rarity Equipment

Unique Rarity gear acts as the backbone of many strategies since you can use Normal socketed equipment with Runewords for Helm, Shield, Body Armor, and Weapon, and then fill the rest with Unique gears. Some Unique equipment is even better than Runeword gear in the affected slots.

Unique items are appeared in the color Tan and have Static properties. However, most of these properties consist of randomized ranges within the ability. Aside from that, the predetermines sockets depend on the set, and they can only have 1 socket added to a single Weapon, Armor, Shield, Helm, or Chest via Larzuk quest in Act V (Similar to Set Rarity Equipment). The percent change of Gambling is about 0.05%, which is 1 in 2000.

You can only equip a single Unique item in any of the preferred slots (one at a time). That doesn’t mean you can’t wear an entire set of Unique pieces, but there shouldn’t be any duplicates. However, you can carry more than one of the same type. This doesn’t really come into play except with three items; Charms, Weapons, and Rings for classes that can dual-wield (Barbarian/Assassin). Also, there are three unique Charms in the game, and you can only carry one of each type with you. Also, you won’t be able to get another drop of the same Unique in the same game or expansion.

Ethereal Items: Diablo 2 Resurrected

Ethereal items aren’t really a part of the item rarity statement since it’s more towards the subtype of a gear, which is similar to being Socketed. It appears as a semi-transparent type of Normal item that includes bonuses and drawbacks. Any Armor or Weapon type can be an Ethereal, with exceptions for Arrows, Bolts, Bows, Amulets, Crossbows, Phase Blades, Rings, and Set items.

Its major pros are that Ethereal items have a 50% bonus to their damage or defense, and the items have reduced stat requirements. The only con is that you cannot repair Ethereal items, so once the item is broken it’s completely gone.

It’s worth noting that some Ethereal Weapons can regenerate on their own if they have suffixes like Self-Repair and Restoration. However, it only works if they aren’t broken, because past that stage the item cannot be repaired. You can also give Ethereal to your mercenary as such equipment does not lose Durability. Finally, you can fit an Ethereal weapon with a Zod Rune, which makes the item indestructible.

OSRS Best-In-Slot Range Equipment


Veteran Old School RuneScape players are already familiar with the time and efforts that are required to put in while maxing out an in-game character. But that’s not the only grind that they’re familiar with, because they know the actual truth behind obtaining best-in-slot equipment, and the truth is that there’s never the best loadout, as you always have that desire to hit your enemy with the maximum force, along with focusing on your defensive stats. However, things are quite different because the worn equipment serves differently depending upon the play style and weapon. For instance, ranged gear that has the best defensive bonus, may not always provide the same while fighting against opponents with other combat styles (Melee and Magic), and that’s why we’ve taken the initiative to sum out and list the most effective Range Equipment in this article.

Best-In-Slot Ranged Setup (High-Level)

If you’re looking for the most powerful stat while landing an attack, then Range is your best bet because it provides the most damage output when compared with the other combat styles. There is always confusion while comparing the benefits of Ranged Strength and Attack, and that’s why it’s better if you lean towards the attack that provides the fastest and strongest damage output. However, you will have to sacrifice bits of your Strength and may hit a little lower than what your maximum damage is, but your accuracy will be genuinely high, along with the attack speed, allowing you to make up for what’s lacking. The below setup is for the best-in-slot Attack and Strength combined bonus.

Armadyl Helmet, Necklace of Anguish, Archers’ Ring (I), Armadyl Chest Plate, Armadyl Chain Skirt, Ava’s Assembler, Pegasian Boots, Barrows Gloves, and Twister Bucker & Armadyl Crossbow or Heavy Ballista.
The setup mentioned above is considered the most popular set up by the players of OSRS. It offers 239 Ranged Attack Bonus while equipping the Heavy Ballista and 232 while equipping Armadyl Crossbow & Twisted Buckler. Players often purchase both and switch between them during their battles to get an outstanding outcome. However, you should be aware of the fact that this setup requires you to have at least 75 Defense. Similarly, to equip Ava’s Assembler, you will need to finish the quest ‘Dragon Slayer 2’ and Vorkath’s Head and to imbue an Archers’ Ring, you will need 650,000 Nightmare Zone points. Other than that, you shouldn’t expect anything less than 12 million osrs gold if you’re purchasing the items off of the Grand Exchange.

Best-In-Slot Ranged Setup (Common)

Archers’ Helmet, Amulet of Glory, Archers’ Ring (I), Black Dragon Hide Body, Black Dragon Hide Chaps, Obsidian Cape, Blessed Dragon Hide Boots, Dragon Hide Vambraces (Any), Book of Law/Dragon Fire Shield, and Magic Short Bow (I).

This is an best range gear osrs setup for the players who are training their Ranged or using the skill to clear dungeons or quests. It is balanced in both; Attack and Defence bonus, and thanks to it, you can easily hold on your own against opponents with stronger stats with this best in slot range gear osrs. You can purchase the pieces of this setup from the Grand Exchange at a very reasonable price (about 2.4 million osrs gold).

If you’re someone who is more focused on prayer for this best range gear osrs, then you might want to consider Blessed Dragon Hide pieces instead of Black. You will need at least level 40 Defence to equip the mentioned items and there are no real quest requirements needed to acquire that particular best in slot range gear osrs. It’s a good option to keep as a backup plan because you never know when you might need to enter areas where you’re not willing to risk high.

Best-In-Slot Ranged Setup (1 Defence Pure)

Robin Hood Hat, Amulet of Fury/Amulet of Glory, Archers’ Ring (I), Rangers Tunic, Black Dragon Hide Chaps, Ava’s Accumulator/Obsidian Cape, Ranger Boots/Blessed Dragon Hide Boots, Combat Bracelet, Book of Law, and Magic Short Bow (I).

Trust me when I say this, there are no combat skills that can match up with the capabilities of a pure account for osrs range gear. This setup is superior in terms of both; pure Magic or Strength, because with only a few levels to train, you’ll be capable of having the same attack and defence bonuses as the common setup mentioned above. However, the only drawback is that some items can be quite costly, such as the Ranged Boots, but you will always have the option to swap the equipment for something that’s comparable, and that’s a benefit that only the Ranged skill provides. If you’re looking for a budgeted osrs range gear setup, then go for Dragon Hide or Snakeskin Boots, rather than aiming for Ranger boots. Similarly, you can also replace the Book of Law with a Dragon Fire Shield or the regular variant known as Anti-Fire Shield.

Guide to Racial Skills in World of Warcraft

Some races in World of warcraft have their own unique buffs and benefits. Knowing what perks come with what race can help you figure out how to make a well rounded character.
Draenei’s have the racial mount of a Elekk, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. The Draenei also come with a series of good racial attributes such as +5 to Jewelcrafting, +10 to Shadow resistance, and “Gift of the Naaru”. The Gift of the Naaru is a healing attribute with a 3 minute cooldown. For mages, priests, or shamans there is the passive ability of “Inspiring Presence” which is the increase of spell’s chance to hit by 1%. For hunters, paladins, and warriors there is the passive ability of “Heroic Presence” which is the increase of chance to hit by 1%.

Blood Elves
Blood Elves have the racial mount of a Hawkstrider, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. The Blood Elf also comes with a series of good attributes such as +10 to enchanting skill, +5 to all resistances, and Mana tap which will reduce the enemy’s mana and give you more energy. For rogues there is “Arcane Torrent” which silences targets and gives you energy when a mana tap charge affecting you. For hunters, paladins, mages, priests, and warlocks, there is “Arcane Torrent” which sileneces targets but will give you mana for every mana tap charge affecting you.

Dwarves have the racial mount of a Ram, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. The Dwarf also comes with a series of good attributes such as +1% to critically hit with a gun, +10 frost resistance, and the Find Treasure ability that will show you where treasure chests are. There is also the Stoneform ability that will give you immunity when its active to bleeding, diseases, and poison. It will increase your armor too by 10%.

Orcs have the racial mount of a Wolf, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. The Orc also comes with a series of good attributes such as a 15% stun/knockout resistance, +5% pet melee damage, and +1% to axe critical strike. They also have “Blood Fury” which will increase attack power by 4 for every level. It will reduce your healing affect by 50% though.

Gnomes have the racial mount of a Mechanostrider, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. The Gnome also comes with a series of good attributes such as +5% intelligence, +10 to arcane resistance, and +15 to Engineering skill. There is also the “Escape Artist” skill which will allow you to break free of a root or a snaring affect upon you.

Tauren have the racial mount of a Kodo which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. The Tauren also comes with a series of good attributes such as +5% health, +15 to herbalism, and +10 to Nature resistance. They have “War Stomp” which gives the ability to stun up to 5 different targets.

Humans have the racial mount of a horse, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. Humans also come with a series of good attributes such as +10% spirit, +10 to faction reputation, and +1% critical strike chance with swords and maces. They also have “Perception”, the ability to detect stealth.

Trolls have the racial mount of a raptor, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. Trolls also come with a series of good attributes such as +10% health regeneration, +5% damage to beasts, and +1% critical hit in bows and throwing weapons. They have “Berserking” which will increase your attack speed.

Night Elves
Night Elves have the racial mount of a Nightsaber, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. Night Elves come with a series of good attributes such as +1% to dodge, 50% faster movement when Dead, and +10 to Nature resistance. They also have shadowmeld to become stealthed.

Undead have the racial mount of a skeletal horse, which is accessible as soon as the ability to ride a mount is available. Undead come with a series of good attributes such as +300% underwater breathing ability, +10 to Shadow resistance, and Cannibalizing ability to regenerate 7% of your total health by eating your corpses. Will of the Forsaken is another ability, that will give you the perk of being immune to fear, sleep and charm.

Dragon Leather Armor for Runescape Rangers

There are some Ranger armors in the free mmorpg game of Runescape that are from Dragonhide. This dragonhide is the by-product of dragon slaying throughout the game, where the loot and drops from fighting are typically worth the battle to slay a dragon. There are four different levels of dragon leather armor in the game for the Ranger class. These levels are green, blue, red, and black. They have different required levels and attack bonuses, plus defense bonuses.
Green Level Dragon Leather Armor

Green Chaps – The green chaps need a 40 in Ranged skill, and gives 8 ranged attack bonus and 22 ranged defense bonus.

Green Body – The green body needs a 40 in Ranged skill and in Defense, and it will give 15 ranged attack bonus and 40 ranged defense bonus.

Green Vambraces – The green vambraces need a 40 in Ranged skill, and gives 8 in ranged attack bonus.

Blue Level Dragon Leather Armor

Blue Chaps – The blue chaps need a 50 in Ranged skill; it will give an 11 to ranged attack bonus and a 25 to ranged defense bonus.

Blue Body – The blue body needs a 50 in Ranged skill and a 40 in Defense, it gives 15 to ranged attack bonus and 45 to ranged defense bonus.

Blue Vambraces – The blue vambraces need a 50 in Ranged skill, and it gives 9 to ranged attack bonus.

Red Level Dragon Leather Armor

Red Chaps – The red chaps need a 60 in Ranged skill; it will give 14 to ranged attack bonus and 28 to ranged defense bonus.

Red Body – The red body needs a 60 in Ranged skill and a 40 in Defense, it gives a 20 to ranged attack bonus and 50 in ranged defense bonus.

Red Vambraces – The red vambraces need a 60 in Ranged skill and it will give a 10 in ranged attack bonus.

Black Level Dragon Leather Armor

Blessed Dragonhide Coif – The blessed dragonhide coif needs a 70 in Ranged skill and 40 in Defense, it will give 7 in ranged attack bonus and 8 in ranged defense bonus.

Black Chaps – The black chaps need a 70 in Ranged skill and it will give 17 in ranged attack bonus and 31 in ranged defense bonus.

Black Body – The black body needs a 70 in Ranged skill and a 40 in Defense skill. It will give 30 to ranged attack bonus and 55 in ranged defense bonus.

Black Vambraces – The black vambraces need a 70 in Ranged skill. It will give 11 in ranged attack bonus.

Mastering the Auction House in World of Warcraft

Auction House tips for the game World of Warcraft – The auction house in WoW is an amazing feature that allows the user to gain a massive amount of money in World of Warcraft. If done correctly, you can rake in some huge amounts of cash by selling, buying, and dealing. I’m here to give you the insiders view.
The auction house feature in WoW is a part of the game to help those that have money to invest to bring in money. Basically what you do is buy items that are popular/wanted for low prices, and sell them at a higher price. This is only 1 of the many other methods of gaining cash. One of my personal secrets will be shared in this guide, and I’m sure you’ll like it.
The best part of the auction house is that you don’t need to be insanely rich and have lots to invest, anybody can start low and work their way up, if done correctly.

Learning about the Auction House.

First what you want to do is get a lot of research done and find what items are in high demand and what area you want to dominate. These can vary, so be on the lookout and keep your eyes open.
A really nice add-on that will allow you to master the Auction House is an addon called Auctioneer. It’s amazingly detailed. It auto-analyses the market and scans EVERY single item. You can search for a specific item, and set the maximum price, and it will search and find every auction for that item being sold at a price under what you’ve stated.

Oh yeah, did I mention Auctioneer can save you data too? It can store all your searches amp; results, so basically if you want to go back to your searches and see what the price for an item was last week, and you see that it’s dropped by 13% for example, you know it’s time to buy it.

As time passes, you will become more and more knowledgable of the auction house and the prices of high-demand items, and now you can move on to the next part of buy amp; sell.
There are some items I like to call “Dangerous items”. These are the items that are constantly fluctuating in price. One day they will drop by 20 percent in price, the next they will rise 30% and then maybe drop 10 percent again and rise again by 5 percent then drop 30 percent. If you have some money to risk, these can bring in some insane amounts of cash if dealt with in the right way.
You have to search for these at every hour on the hour and document all the prices you see. Once you see it drop by more than 25 percent, that’s the time to buy, buy, buy!

Now that you understand what is most likely to get the most benefit save your money and buy out any traders of each of their supply of the article.

After you can put the auction item up at your new price. Only put a limited number on the marketplace at any one time or you will get people believing it is so easily on tap it’s not worth anywhere near the price you want.

Tips for the Auction House

Let’s say you were looking around in the market. You stumble upon an object that cost 30 dollars. There are about 7 of these items. You look at the very last one, and the price is $29.99. Now, which would you be more likely to choose? Pretty much everybody would choose to purchase the $29.99 without even thinking about it. Even though its 1 cent, your brain registers it as a savings to buy that and assures you its a very good deal to buy it. Now, it’s time to implement this into the WoW auction house!

First find some overpriced items in the auction house. Next, go into the trade chat and start saying you want to buy the item for let’s say 5% below the auction house price. Once you have the item, place your desired item on sale at a single copper under the prices of your competitors and check the cash flood in!

What is the optimal time to use the WoW auction house?

The optimal time to sell and buy in the WoW auction house is when most people have extra time, and have nothing to do. When is this? The weekend! Not everyone can afford the time during the week to play around on World of Warcraft as they have got a job or university to go to so they are logged on to the highest degree Friday evening through to Sunday night time when it can start to decline as members get set to get back to the factory / university on the Monday am.

If you are fortunate enough to find enough time to play the game through the week endeavor to get articles at drop down prices and hang on to them til the weekend charge when a larger number of players are on.

Characters are more likely to be in a heck of a hurry to get rolling in the brief playing time they have so when they step into the WoW auction house they have already got the swag bag drawstrings undone and open to get what they need so they can get on to the next quest as quickly as possible. Be ready with the more keenly priced stuff you gained earlier in the week and you are certain to realise some serious cash!

Now, here’s my special trick that sometimes makes me insanely immense amounts of cash.
Here’s what you do. First, find a decently-rare item that is hard to find. Now look in the auction house to see if there is any there. If not, continue. If that item exists in the auction house, look for another item until you find one that is currently not in the auction house. (The other choice is to just find an item there is 1 of and just buy it as long as its not overpriced). Now, let’s say it costs 500g at the average price. What you’re going to do is put it up in the auction house on another character for 750g. Now you will login to your main/high level character, and you will say “B gt;(item name here) 800g pm me fast I’m in a hurry!”

People will instantly RUSH over to the auction house, search the item up, buy it and come to sell it to you, but at that point you’re already 250g richer and you just tell him you already bought one.
This is a trick-of-the-trade that is known to many, but not widely shared. Use this wisely and don’t overdo it. Eventually people will catch on to you, so don’t abuse it!

Use these tips and you will soon find you are ruling the WoW auction house the way you want to, and the money is flowing in at a speed like never before!

There are a lot of ways to make gold in World of Warcraft and some great tips and tricks to get yourself leveled up as quickly as possible and you can find some of the best ones at WoW Guide World.

Thanks for reading this WoW Auction House Guide, appreciate it and be sure to check out some of my other articles for more gaming related topics.

MMORPG Dragonica Entering Closed Beta Testing

GPotato is best known for FLYFF – Fly For Fun. However, the free to play MMORPG portal features a variety of other games by various developers, ranging from the cute new Dragonica, to the amazing Rappelz. Gpotato even has a variety of amusing mini flash games on their site.
Dragonica is a 3D side-scrolling MMORPG developed by gPotato. It is gPotato’s newest addition to an impressive arsenal of free to play games. Dragonica is now accepting pre-registration for closed beta testing on its Europe servers.

Dragonica features cute anime-style chibi art. The style and gameplay are very similar to Maple Story. Already I have seen various websites comparing and contrasting Maple Story and Dragonica. However, although this game is side scrolling, there is more freedom of movement. You can move left and right (obviously) but also up and down in a 3D environment. The skills and animations are impressive and fun to watch. The characters are rendered in a simple but well-done 3D style.

There are four pretty generic classes, but each class must eventually choose one of two paths to follow (like in Maple Story… I guess I’m compelled to compare them too). However, some of the skills look amusing. The website is set up very well, allowing you to view the different classes in action on their respective information pages. I viewed the mage’s video (always my class of choice), and noticed what seems to be a fart skill. Unfortunately, there is no information about the skills. I guess we’ll just have to play the game to find out.

Unlike Maple Story, Dragonica has a pvp system. You can play one on one or 5 vs 5, in one of two different modes of pvp. This is a fun addition to what I am convinced is a cute and fun MMORPG. Other interesting features of Dragonica are a pet and housing system. Your house is fully customizable (reminding me of Wonderland Online… Aha! You thought I was going to compare it to Maple Story again, didn’t you).

The more I find out about Dragonica, the more I am intrigued by it. Hurry over to the website and register for closed beta testing.